Kaufman Hall has deep industry experience and thought leadership in structuring financial processes for optimal financial decision making. We have assessed current practices for resource deployment across the strategic planning, financial planning, capital planning and budgeting, operating budget, and year-end forecasting processes and recommended scope, participants, governance, data requirements, timing, and technical support for each. We take a holistic approach that clearly defines the points of integration between each financial process to establish a single decision-making framework that is both effective and efficient.

Examples of our core service offerings include:

Develop integrated strategic financial plans

Operating budget assessment and design

Identify cost drivers and key operating metrics

Business planning for projects and strategic initiatives

Scenario projections 

Risk sensitivity analyses

Capital position and debt capacity analyses

Executive and trustee education on best-practice higher education financial management

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This on-demand webinar series focuses on the task of reimagining higher education, with sessions on strategies for growth, transformation, and affiliation, as well as sessions on the tools and leadership skills required.

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FEATURED INSIGHTS ON HIGHER EDUCATION Integrated financial processes


Integrated Financial Planning Will Enable the Institution to Navigate the Relationships Among Strategy, Capital Capacity, and Risk