Design the Right Budget Approach for Your Institution’s Needs

What We Do

We’re experts in robust budget model design for higher education, ensuring your budget process aligns with your strategic goals. 

The business environment for colleges and universities demands a more forward-looking integrated budgeting model. This model should include planning for labor, grants, capital, and year-end forecasting in a single, coordinated framework. 

Examples of our work include the following:

Assessing existing processes for strategic and financial planning, capital planning, grants planning, and more 

Designing processes that strengthen financial decision making

Developing highly integrated planning processes 

Leveraging new technologies for success

How we Help

Align Strategic and Financial Decision-Making Processes 

Through our financial process design, we give you the tools to integrate strategic, capital, and financial planning and set the stage for quantifying future financial risk. Establish a single “source of truth” that lays out your institution’s current financial position and its future financial runway. You can ensure all investments are driven by impact analysis and cost-benefit considerations and communicate decisions out. 

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