Integrated Financial Plans That Strengthen Decision Making 


We’ll help you develop a blueprint for financial growth that brings quantitative reasoning to the strategic plan to make informed decisions. An integrated strategic financial plan brings key issues into focus by mapping out available financial resources and matching those resources with capital requirements.

Examples of our core service offerings include:

    Assessment of Funding Options

    Pro-Forma Financial Modeling

    Credit Analysis & Peer Comparison

    Financial Health Assessment

    Debt Capacity Analysis

    Administrative Cost Benchmarking

    How we Help

    Navigating the Relationship Among Strategy, Capital Capacity, & Risk

    We work with you to develop financial plans that quantify your institution’s ability to create value over time.

    We start by developing a realistic financial plan, then conduct sensitivity analyses to assess capital requirements and start-up investments, and changes in payment levels that will result from the new plan. During each step, we’ll help you ensure an effective balance that maintains or improves your institution’s financial integrity within an appropriate credit and risk context.

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