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What We Do

Our consultants help hospitals and health systems determine not only the right path forward but also where to direct critical resources for maximum impact. Remaining financially viable in an environment where healthcare expenses are outpacing revenue takes innovative planning, analytic rigor, and solid execution. 

We work with leadership teams to define the strategic initiatives to be pursued, the resources required for execution, the timeline for implementation, and who will be accountable for achieving results.

Market Strategy

Hospitals and health systems nationwide are determining how best to assess and quantify their value position in a transforming healthcare industry. Beyond traditional analytics, organizations now also need to use complex analytics to assess their position and performance in a broader context for population health management. 

We provide guidance and tools to help you develop a data-informed point of view on population health management and how your organization should respond to future market conditions.

Physician Strategy

As hospitals and health systems expand into integrated delivery networks to manage population health in their communities, many face challenges in their physician enterprises. Current arrangements physicians don't often align financial incentives with meeting payer, employer, and consumers expectations for lower-cost, higher-quality care.

We can help you achieve the right level of physician integration, strengthening your physician strategies through employment, contracting, joint ventures, or customer service programs.

Payer Strategy

Providers and payers alike are exploring competitive strategies. Innovative provider-payer partnerships that integrate care delivery and financing are quickly emerging and will solidify partnering entities as trusted brands within communities.

From products and networks to risk arrangements and financial models, several issues must be thoroughly evaluated as part of a payer strategy. We assist both providers and payers in creating differentiated strategies that improve care and reduce costs.

How We Help 

Understand. Compete. Adapt.

We follow a rigorous, highly disciplined process that is grounded in data and a deep understanding of healthcare market dynamics. 
Our analytic tools and sophisticated planning approach provide a strong platform that supports informed decision making and decisive action.
A critical component of the strategy development process is testing for financial viability. Together, we develop assumptions of future
performance linked to potential strategic objectives and evaluate the impact on your organization’s future market and financial positions.

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