Understanding Where Dollars Are Lost Throughout Your Revenue Cycle

What We Do

Our healthcare revenue cycle experts work with hospitals, health systems, and physician organizations to pinpoint opportunities to increase efficiency, successfully appeal denied claims, and improve point-of-service collections.

Our deep expertise in revenue cycle optimization reduces the risk of denials. The result: revenue cycle performance that exceeds national benchmarks, with reduced days in accounts receivable and increased clean claims rates and point-of-service collections.

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We work with revenue cycle leaders to target end-to-end improvements through investments in:


Key areas of focus include self-pay collections, denials rates, clean claims rates, cost to collect, bad debt, and payment trends by payer.



We work with your revenue cycle teams to tailor education and training programs to the needs of your staff and physicians.


Process Redesign

Determine where processes could be strengthened to improve efficiency, increase collections, and improve the patient financial experience.


Productivity Tracking

Real-time, actionable data on revenue cycle performance by organization and team member to support short- and long-term success.



How We Help

Capture Revenue Correctly—the First Time

We apply significant knowledge of revenue cycle best practices and technologies to identify strategies for enhanced performance, from the front end to the back.

Our consultants help healthcare organizations increase net patient service revenue by increasing clean claims rates, enhancing accuracy and efficiency at every step in the revenue cycle process, integrating revenue cycle technologies, and improving payer contract management.

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