Reconfigure Service Delivery Models to Meet Patient Needs

Major delivery system redesign required to provide the access, pricing, and quality consumers want

What We Do

Our consultants guide leaders through redesign initiatives to incorporate the right care, in the right place, and through the right caregiver/delivery model, asking the important what, where, and how questions along the way.

By studying utilization patterns, outcomes data, and competition across markets, our consultants provide clients with a network optimization model that reduces duplication of services, supports highly accessible primary care, and achieves the right distribution of care, technology, and service.

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Our team collaborates with healthcare leaders to determine the answers to four key questions:

Question #1
What business are we in today and what will we be in tomorrow?

Question #2
How are services offered across our geographic footprint?

Question #3
Are all of our
services meeting
their potential?

Question #4
How can we achieve a fully aligned service delivery model?

How We Help 

Determine the Right Mix of Care and Services

With this information in hand, we work with your team to reconfigure your service delivery model
to meet the needs of your organization and your patients—now and in the future.

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