Tom McCarthy directs the solutions engineering team responsible for supporting sales of Kaufman Hall’s Axiom and Peak Software products. He also leads the client management team focused on ensuring the firm’s software customers are engaged and optimally utilizing their solutions.

With more than 20 years enterprise technology experience, Tom’s areas of expertise include value-based presentations, planning and forecasting, profitability measurement, activity-based costing methodologies and techniques, and business intelligence and analytics. Prior to Kaufman Hall, he led solutions engineering efforts at Longview Solutions. Tom also held various positions at SAP/Business Objects, Carpio Solutions, IPS-Sendero (Fiserv), and Summit Bank.

Insights from Tom McCarthy


Know Your Customers Empirically: Value-Based Execution

(Part 3 of a 3-part blog series) In this final blog of the series, I explore the importance of leveraging such information to improve the overall customer experience at your institution. The key tenet is to move valuable customer profitability and relationship insight from its historical place in the finance function to front-line staff, who can use it to implement strategies to enrich customer interactions.