Meeting consumer expectations is THE competitive battleground in healthcare today. However, consumer expectations are a fast-moving target, and we need your help to provide the most up-to-date insights. 

Kaufman Hall is currently conducting the 4th annual Healthcare Consumerism Survey. We encourage you to participate so that, together, we can have the best information for providers to succeed.
We will share our results with you this summer, including a custom analysis specific to your organization. This report will be an important tool to help you identify areas for improvement and understand the actions necessary to advance your consumerism performance. 
Join more than 400 participants by participating in this survey so you can discover how your efforts compare with those of your peers. 

The deadline is March 15, 2019.

Take the survey now

“Taking the Healthcare Consumerism Survey and reviewing the results is eye-opening and well worth the short time it takes. It helped us to understand our opportunities relative to the industry and prioritize key initiatives.”
Joe Wolfcale
Senior Vice President at Parkview Health