Helping Healthcare Organizations Fund Critical Capital Needs


What we Do

We combine extensive experience with a broad range of financial products to help healthcare organizations fund critical capital needs. As an independent financial advisor, we strive for our interests to be fully aligned with those of our clients to provide objective and proactive guidance for outside funding.


Examples of our work include the following:

Plan of Finance Development

Structure and evaluate the benefits of your organization’s overall financing strategy


Bank Solicitations

Solicit interest for investment banking services and/or commercial credit proposals


Capital Markets Management

Develop a strong investor relations strategy and navigate the rating update processes


Transaction Management

Design and manage the financing process to secure optimal pricing for debt and derivative swaps


Ongoing Monitoring

We work on retainer to monitor and optimize the composition of your organization’s portfolio


How we Help

A Trusted Financial Advisor

We start by developing an in-depth understanding of your organization’s current strategic and financial positions. Then we work with you to preserve the strength of your credit position so you can access the broadest possible funding sources and secure the right fit at the right terms.

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