The Challenge:

Revenue Pressure Puts Expenses in the Spotlight

With expenses growing faster than revenue, legacy organizations are challenged to transform their basic cost structures.
Legacy institutions need a roadmap that combines traditional areas of labor and supply costs with actions to address
duplicative services and other cost factors.

Learn about the state of reducing costs in healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions

What You Need

Cost Transformation Needs a System Focus and Practical Analytics


Labor and Productivity Strategies

Evaluate all factors contributing to labor costs, including productivity, premium dollars, and nonproductive time.

Network Optimization

Identify duplicative and underperforming services, with sensitivity to complex clinical interdependencies.

Clinical Variation

Use benchmarking data and advanced analytics to understand clinical performance and reduce inappropriate care variation.

Cost Accounting and Decision Support

Ensure that you have trusted cost information that can be organized and analyzed to support sound decisions.

Start building a holistic approach to reducing costs and improving performance