The Challenge

Legacy Organizations Face Serious Revenue and Cost Pressures

For many of the organizations we serve, costs are rising faster than revenue, while new capabilities require big investments. Executives are looking hard for new approaches to performance management, budgeting, and integrated strategic-financial planning.

Organizations need to plan and monitor performance across multiple dimensions, including financial health, strategic growth, service line performance, operational efficiency, clinician/employee engagement, talent, consumerism, innovation, and others.


Learn about the state of financial performance management

what You Need

Aspirational Strategies Need a First-Class Strategic-Financial Plan

Strategic-Financial Planning

Develop a disciplined financial plan; we wrote the book on strategic-financial and capital planning.

Cost Transformation

Create a holistic approach to managing costs—from labor to service deployment—while improving systems and processes.

Treasury & Capital

Access capital resources, enhance treasury operations, and manage your portfolio of debt, swaps, and leases.

Comparative Data

Use our Hospital Flash Reports to benchmark profitability, volume, revenue, and expense; and monitor economic indicators.

Management Analytics

Improve performance by monitoring key performance indicators, trends, rankings, relative contributions, variances, outliers, and alerts.

Cost Accounting

Ensure that you have trusted cost information that can be organized and analyzed to support sound decisions.

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