The Challenge

As Partnerships Escalate, Options Are Narrowing

With organizations vying for the scale and expertise they need to compete in a changing environment, finding the right partners—and achieving partnership synergies—has become a major, ongoing challenge to maintaining competitive position.

We have quantified the increases in both the number of transactions and the size of organizations involved. Our extensive experience gives us the on-the-ground view of the market, operational, financial, and cultural factors that support all types of successful partnerships.


What You Need

The Right Strategy, the Right Fit, and the Right Plan


Strategic Options Assessment

Identify your goals and potential partners in a fast-changing environment.

Synergy Analysis

Quantify the financial effects of a potential partnership and benefits to your capabilities and balance sheet.

Transaction Planning and Execution

Get thoughtful, experienced guidance for transactions of all types, up to the largest mergers of equals.

Merger Integration

Develop an oversight and operational structure to ensure that the partnership delivers the promised synergies.

The Trends Are Clear: More and Bigger

Reach out to our team to discuss strategies for establishing partnerships

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