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Reimagining Higher Education: A Kaufman Hall Webinar Series



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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that the world will address the COVID-19 pandemic through a three-stage process of “respond, recover, and reimagine.” In this webinar series and an accompanying eBook, Kaufman Hall’s Higher Education Management Consulting team applies the “respond, recover, and reimagine” framework to higher education. The webinar series focuses on the task of reimagining higher education, with sessions on strategies for growth, transformation, and affiliation, as well as sessions on the tools and leadership skills required.

Register once and gain access to each webinar in the series, live and recorded. We'll send you a day-of reminder for each week's webinar with details to join if the topic is relevant to you. If you can't make the time slot, we'll send you the recording a couple days after each webinar along with any other past recordings in the series. See the full list of topics below.

Topics Include:

September 16: Strategic Options for Growth
This session focuses on opportunities for revenue diversification and new program offerings, as colleges and universities seek to leverage their reputation, reimagine utilization of their assets, and expand their program offerings to respond to new needs or emerging fields of study or to reach nontraditional audiences.

September 30: Strategic Options for Transformation
Administrative and curriculum redesign will be the focus of this session, with conversation focused on strategies to improve efficiencies, identify cost-sharing opportunities, and seek partners to improve both course content and the range of modalities through which it is offered.

October 7: Strategic Options for Affiliation
This session will look at affiliation options through the perspectives of organizations seeking to merge or divest their holdings, and organizations seeking new opportunities through acquisition. Topics will include possible affiliation models, cultural considerations, and other factors that influence the success of an affiliation.

October 21: Tools for Reimagining Higher Education
As institutions turn their future vision into reality, they will need a toolbox that includes integrated strategic and financial planning, treasury and capital management, administrative assessment and design, academic product mix planning, and communications. This session will discuss how these tools can be best deployed in the task of reimagining higher education.

October 28: Leadership and Change Management Skills
Regardless of the strategy an institution pursues, its leadership will have to cultivate and support capabilities in transparency, collaboration, alignment, and flexibility. This session focuses on tactics to build these capabilities and their central role in managing change within the in