Your healthcare organization strives to be the best every day. To do that, you need to work with the best partners – those with decades of healthcare expertise and industry-leading technology to help you budget effectively, make informed decisions, and plan for a bright future.


The clear choice is Axiom Software. With the largest, most modern, cloud-based financial planning platform available, you gain the insights needed to manage effectively in today’s complex and swiftly moving healthcare environment.


From cost accounting and decision support to comparative and clinical analytics built specifically for the healthcare industry, Axiom is a single robust platform to meet your growing needs. Axiom clients also benefit from a partnership with subject matter experts who have over 1,100 years of healthcare experience and are available to help you implement best practices and get the most out of your processes and technology.

What Axiom Offers

Our technology platform, the largest and most complete in the industry, features enterprise planning, cost and decision support, comparative analytics, clinical analytics, and more to help you realize your mission and improve financial and clinical performance.


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Why Axiom Software is Different



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Here are 3 of the reasons Kaufman Hall’s Axiom is your best choice for healthcare technology: 


#1. A Comprehensive Platform Built on Proven Expertise



We are healthcare practitioners and domain experts. Kaufman Hall has been helping healthcare organizations succeed for more than 3 decades by providing objective insight and financially centered technology to empower sustainable strategies and goals.  

Ken Kaufman receives highest HFMA award

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Our technology platform, the largest and most complete in the industry, features enterprise planning, cost and decision support, comparative analytics, clinical analytics, and more to help you realize your mission and improve financial and clinical performance.  

Top customer satisfaction scores  

Discover rolling forecasting  


Today, more than 2,500 organizations, including many of the nation’s top-performers, rely on our technology — built on industry expertise to model the future, analyze results, and provide strategy-based performance solutions.   

Scripps Health    

LifePoint Hospitals   



#2. Modern, Scalable Architecture Designed by Industry Leaders



Our Axiom platform puts the power of data in your hands with flexible, cloud-based performance capabilities that make it easy to analyze and understand today’s environment, model the future, and make informed, fact-based decisions.  

Cloud services  


Specifically designed by industry leaders and for the complexities of healthcare, our solutions for enterprise planning, costing, decision support, and clinical analytics support organizational missions to improve financial performance and patient care.  

Sophisticated cost accounting  

Epic integration  

Budget with confidence  


More than 200,000 users rely on our software for its flexibility, ease-of-use and ability to improve financial performance — qualities that have earned us the HFMA peer review designation for four consecutive years, and recognition as the stand-alone leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  

Peer Reviewed by HFMA

Gartner Magic Quadrant  



#3. Proven ROI that Supports Sustainable Performance Improvement  



Our clients experience real and sustainable improvements in both costs and quality of care and they’re happy to share their stories of success.  

Drive cost reductions  

  Axiom client stories  


Axiom solutions are used daily in 4 of the 5 largest IDNs and top-performing healthcare providers across the country.   

MultiCare Health’s cost accounting journey  


We offer insights and tools to meet real-world challenges and empower long-term success. An independent survey ranked Axiom Cost Accounting and Decision Support tops in innovation, alignment to customer goals, breadth of offerings, and delivery excellence.  

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