• The Risk of Undermining a Complex System

    Policy changes to the U.S. healthcare system need to proceed thoughtfully and holistically to avoid unintended consequences for this complex and interdependent system.

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  • What's Your Organization's Value Proposition?

    As a core imperative of the new healthcare era, hospital and health system leaders must focus on making customer wishes and requirements central to health and care delivery models.

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  • The Wicked Problem of the Internet Economy

    Ken Kaufman explains the "wicked problem" of the Internet's attack on legacy healthcare and how to meet this challenge.

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  • Time for Strategic Planning to Look Outward

    Kaufman Hall strategy leader Mark Grube explains the importance of consumer insights to planning and how to put those insights into action.

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  • What a French Electronics Store Can Teach Healthcare about Digital Strategy

    The digital success of a bricks-and-mortar electronics chain shuggests strategies for healthcare organizations in an increasingly digital world.

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