• Four Current Market Concepts for Advance Refunding

    Finance executives should consider the potential impacts of these key market-based concepts or tools in determining whether to pursue an advance refunding.

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  • Making Comprehensive Management of Technology Assets an Organizational Imperative

    Matt Robbins, a Vice President with Kaufman Hall, and Justin Toson, with the Healthcare Financial Services Group of GE Capital, discuss ways in which organizations can avoid having capital "trapped" in costly medical equipment and devices.

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  • Meeting New Equipment Needs and Reducing Capital Costs

    Aligning capital sources for equipment with the parameters and expected uses of that equipment can help organizations significantly reduce costs and meet changing technology needs.

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  • Four Ways to Free Millions of Dollars Trapped in Your Equipment

    Healthcare organizations can reduce significant hidden costs through thoughtful management of equipment assets.

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  • Addressing the Impact of New-Era Investments on Credit Ratings

    Three credit rating agency executives discuss what healthcare organizations can do to maintain strong credit ratings during the transition to a value-based business model.

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