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  • The Risk of Undermining a Complex System

    Policy changes to the U.S. healthcare system need to proceed thoughtfully and holistically to avoid unintended consequences for this complex and interdependent system.

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  • The Wicked Problem of the Internet Economy

    Ken Kaufman explains the "wicked problem" of the Internet's attack on legacy healthcare and how to meet this challenge.

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  • 5 Tasks for 2017

    These five tasks, some strategic and some attitudinal, will prepare healthcare organizations for the rapid changes of the Internet economy.

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  • Google, AI, and the New Pace of Change

    Googles advances in artificial intelligence within just nine months suggest healthcare leaders will be facing a dramatically increasing pace of change.

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  • Where To? Uber’s New App Shows Where Consumers Are Going

    Uber's new app signals the digital future for healthcare.

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