Performance Reporting

Management of a healthcare provider organization requires putting accurate, actionable information in the hands of the right employees in a timely fashion to take action. From income statements to cash flows to variance analysis to service line profitability, Kaufman Hall’s Performance Reporting solution supports a broad spectrum of needs across the organization whether financial, operational, statistical or patient-centric in nature. The end result is better visibility into what is occurring and insight to drive action.

Insight through management reporting and dashboards
Visualizing financial and operational performance data allows organizations to quickly highlight key performance indicators (KPIs), trends, rankings, relative contribution, variances, outliers and alerts in a manner that a grid of numbers can’t. The end result is rapid insight that enables fast and effective decision making. Kaufman Hall’s management reporting and dashboard solution provides the ability to create compelling reports, dashboards and data visualizations that bring focus to the key areas of your healthcare organization. Learn more >>

Consolidate and close financials with ease
Imagine a world in which your finance team can establish and monitor controls around the entire close and consolidations process from data loading to report creation and distribution. Kaufman Hall’s Financial Close and Consolidation solution gives Finance the tools to provide timely and accurate reporting, while adhering to global accounting standards, including IFRS, GAAP, and industry-specific standards. Additionally, healthcare provider organizations with greater financial and organizational complexity need an even more complex consolidations process. Kaufman Hall’s consolidations solution alleviates this complexity, improving the time to close with greater accuracy.

Monitor labor productivity
Properly aligning labor utilization to workload demand has implications both on patient-care quality and cost management. As labor costs are viewed as the largest controllable expense, labor productivity is in the spotlight. Healthcare organizations must work to balance cost containment and patient quality initiatives. The challenge comes in measuring productivity. With Kaufman Hall’s Productivity solution, operations and finance management have immediate access to information that's meaningful and deep enough to inform solid decision making. Learn more >>  

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