Long-Range Planning

With patient volumes and payment models rapidly evolving, maintaining a firm grip on the organization’s future trajectory has become increasingly challenging for healthcare executives. Management teams need the power to model a wide range of scenarios in order to successfully position the organization for all potential future contingencies.

Develop multi-year financial plans with confidence
Leveraging proven best practice financial management principles, Kaufman Hall’s Long-Range Planning solution enables hospitals, physician practices and health systems to develop multi-year financial plans with confidence. Historical and proposed budgets and forecasts can be utilized as a basis for a long-range financial plan, speeding up both the initial creation and updating of this long-range plan as time progresses.

Model the impact of proposed initiatives and scenarios
Understanding the financial impact of any one initiative can be complex, but layering on a combination of initiatives can make understanding financial impact nearly impossible. Kaufman Hall’s Strategic Initiative Planning solution gives finance professionals the tools they need to assess the viability of the initiatives and pinpoint the incremental volume, revenue, cost, debt, and capital structure implications to which these initiatives contribute. Learn more >>

Command your bond and swap platform
Even the best operational plans are vulnerable to disruption from actualized bonds and swap risks. However, a risk-free approach is costly and can underserve the organization. At a time when efficient stewardship of resources is paramount, Treasury teams require empowering tools to govern their bond and swap portfolios. Inspired by Kaufman Hall’s 25 years of bond and swap advisory leadership, our secure Financial Advisor web portal puts these tools in your hands.

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