Decision Support and Analytics

The most critical component of managing performance for any healthcare provider organization is having the right data, analytics and insights upon which to make sound business decisions. Hospitals and health systems must have full visibility to financial and clinical data across their entire organization to make the best decisions. 

Building a cost accounting framework
As advances in medicine enable hospitals to provide more effective and specialized care, the cost of care for human capital, administrative functions, new technologies, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals continues to outpace payments. Clear understanding of key volume, cost, and profitability measures across clinical service lines is becoming increasingly important for long-range and tactical planning as well as data-driven decision making.  Kaufman Hall’s Cost Accounting solution provides the framework needed to perform accurate patient-level costing and also offers the flexibility and control needed to address unique requirements when needed. Learn more >>

Understand service line performance

An effective service line structure and approach are critical to understanding performance drivers and responding appropriately to operational and financial outcomes.  Kaufman Hall’s Service Line Analytics solution empowers finance professionals to deliver insightful views of volume, cost, and profitability measures across clinical service lines. Trended views of key indicators and analytics can be presented by any dimension, including by service line, DRG, physician and payer. And with powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities, users can quickly drill from consolidated reports to the underlying details, including to patient and charge item detail levels. Learn more >>

Maximize revenue with contract management
Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Contract Management solutions enable health systems to more effectively and intelligently transition from traditional fee-for-service to fee-for-value reimbursement models. These contract modeling and analytics tools help organizations to better predict and manage reimbursement and leverage a data-driven approach for improved payer negotiations. With this software, organizations can estimate net revenue by patient and better manage contracts, claims, and payments across the organization. Learn more >>

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