Capital Planning

Capital spending inevitably requires prioritization, considering near-term organizational needs and longer-term strategic objectives. Executives must decipher which requests for capital warrant funding and provide the strongest business benefits. Kaufman Hall’s Capital Planning solution enables providers to take a more structured and disciplined approach to the allocation and management of capital.

Requesting capital
One of the most difficult parts of capital planning is getting the right information upon which a sound evaluation can be made against other capital requests. Leveraging a configurable submission process, organizations can define the information they collect from requestors - business justifications, alignment to strategic goals, estimated capital needs, incremental volume, revenue or costs benefits, net present value, and ROI - and leverage that data in the allocation process.

Allocating capital to projects
Finding an acceptable balance between the need for continuing strategic investment and the ability to generate capital required to fund strategic and routine capital needs is an ongoing challenge. Designed to support all aspects of a corporate finance-based capital allocation process, Kaufman Hall’s Capital Planning solution helps healthcare providers establish a financial context on which to base key project investment decisions. Learn more >>

Tracking capital projects
With cost management a greater concern than ever, tracking dollars that have been committed, funded, spent, and measuring actual performance of each investment against plan and budget, are critical to maintaining a healthcare provider’s fiscal health. Dynamic reporting provides consistent, transparent, and reliable information and helps management maximize cash flow and the use of capital.

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