User Interface

Kaufman Hall provides three options to give users a variety of ways to access the software depending on the preferences of each organization and user. From power users and administrators to periodic contributors or report consumers, our client options ensure that all user types can interact with the platform in the manner most suitable to their role. Users interact with Kaufman Hall using one of the following clients:

The Excel Client - provides access to all Kaufman Hall features within a Microsoft Excel interface. This client is often preferred by power users as it allows finance professionals to manage data in a familiar environment while providing unmatched modeling flexibility and enterprise performance.

The Windows Client - uses a .NET-based engine to emulate the spreadsheet environment without requiring Microsoft Excel. It provides full access to Kaufman Hall features and provides much of the same functionality with many frequently-used Excel commands and features included in the ribbon.

The Web Client - leverages HTML5 to give users to access to Kaufman Hall from any browser, tablet or mobile device. This client is often used for end-user consumption of reports, dashboards, and ad hoc reporting using the Data Explorer.

All clients communicate with the application server over http or https in order to query data, request a file, or save files and data back to the database. The Excel Client and Windows Client use the ClickOnce installation protocol for easy installation and automatic updates without the need for IT support. The Web Client is a browser application and does not require separate installation. Both the Excel Client and the Windows Client can be run in "offline mode," which allows the user to take files and data offline for reporting and planning purposes.