The Kaufman Hall software suite is available in a hosted cloud environment that enables you to reduce IT overhead while receiving optimal system performance and unmatched security. Kaufman Hall provides and maintains all necessary infrastructure and performs all technical maintenance activities. Customers connect to their own personalized system via a secured Internet connection, hosted in dynamically scalable, secure and geo-distributed Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Key benefits include:

  • No IT resources required – get up and running with a modern Enterprise Performance Management platform without the need for new hardware and IT support
  • Unmatched security – Kaufman Hall's robust security model gives you complete control of the most granular elements of system access for each user or role
  • Powerful data integration – import data from virtually any financial, operational or third party source
  • Seamless system upgrades – managed software upgrades for access to new capabilities without disruption or need to rebuild existing reports
  • Connect from anywhere – connect to Kaufman Hall via an Internet connection from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Scale as needed – the Kaufman Hall cloud service can support any number of users
  • Perform with confidence – 99.95% guaranteed uptime and a highly configurable disaster recovery plan for your Kaufman Hall system
  • Training and development environment – test new features and implement new ideas before promoting them to your production environment
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