The Kaufman Hall Support Team’s single focus is your ongoing success with your implemented software solution; as a result, we employ a unique approach to customer service. In addition to delivering and supporting an outstanding solution, our support specialists assist clients in achieving greater success in their business and getting the most out of the solution. Take advantage of regular product updates and transition easily to new versions, knowing that you can rely on our support staff to guide you as your organization grows and technology evolves.

Our clients consistently rate our support team “excellent” in satisfaction surveys—attesting to their deep product knowledge, technical expertise and professionalism. When you want help, our team is prepared to answer any question you may have and to resolve anything that detracts from your maximum use of the system. While some organizations route you through a complex and cumbersome website, Kaufman Hall works hard to deliver a personal experience as quickly as possible; and where many other solution providers will try to sell you increasingly expensive support “packages,” Kaufman Hall support is included in your ongoing maintenance contract.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is attested to by our annual client renewal rate of over 95% over the past ten years.
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