Successful healthcare providers must continually evaluate and redefine their market focus, business/program/service mix, physician relationships, service distribution systems, and internal priorities to maintain and strengthen their leadership position. Staying on top or reaching the top requires thoughtful identification and execution of strategic initiatives that will drive the organization’s market and financial performance for decades.

Kaufman Hall's strategy-related services follow a rigorous, highly disciplined process that is:

  • Analytically Grounded: Kaufman Hall executives have developed analytic tools and planning approaches that provide a solid information platform and facilitate organizational decision making and action. An important part of our strategic planning framework is the use of quantitative indicators and targets to measure progress on strategic objectives.
  • Customized: While our overall approach and underlying tools may be applied across a broad variety of circumstances, the process to support effective planning and decision making is tailored for each organization. We design a planning process that is responsive to your unique culture, circumstances, and needs.
  • Financially Tested: A critical component of the strategy development process is testing for financial viability. Together, we develop assumptions regarding future performance linked to the strategic objectives and initiatives under consideration and evaluate the impact on the organization’s future market and financial positions. This is typically an iterative process that forces prioritization of initiatives and balances strategic investment with sound financial management.
  • Collaborative: We respectfully challenge you to help define better strategies and better strategic decisions. Together, we prepare action plans that clearly delineate the initiatives to be pursued, the resources required to execute the initiative, implementation timing, and specific accountability for each initiative’s successful completion.

The result is an actionable strategy with a clear road map for execution.

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