Strategic Cost Management

Building on the industry-leading strategic financial planning approach that Kaufman Hall pioneered for hospitals and health systems, we can help you produce sustainable cost reduction. We address cost management within the context of your strategic financial plan and position your organization for ongoing success amidst healthcare’s evolving financial realities.

Our focus is on helping you use real analytics and internal capabilities to get to the heart of difficult-to-solve performance issues that prevent you from generating the capital capacity needed to support your strategic priorities. We help you make sustainable improvements across a broad range of cost-related concerns, including:

Generating Bottom-Line Improvements

Our experts apply proven methodologies to quickly and comprehensively identify real improvement opportunities and to build a compelling case for change in your organization. If your organization has already established the financial case for change, we can move directly to support the execution of identified opportunities, where real results are achieved.

Achieving Widespread, Lasting Results

We have helped hospitals and health systems across the country achieve hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. These savings have been achieved in a collaborative, teaching/mentoring environment resulting in the strengthened organizational leadership capacity required to achieve widespread and lasting results. As such, our clients are better equipped to sustain improvements and address the continuing requirements of cost management demanded of them.