Vice President - Mergers & Acquisitions

Why did you choose Kaufman Hall as the place to build your career?

I chose Kaufman Hall for its unique approach to providing advisory and consulting services across a multitude of disciplines inclusive of mergers & acquisitions, strategy, and financial planning. This emphasis on providing our clients with a robust service platform provides the opportunity to develop deep expertise within a specific practice area, while simultaneously enriching the professional development experience through substantive, project-specific collaboration across practice groups and service lines. This, combined with a culture that truly emphasizes teamwork, merit, and doing what is best for the client at all times, is what makes Kaufman Hall an ideal place to build a career.

What type of work do you?

My primary function is to provide advisory services and execution support on the many different types of merger, acquisition, joint venture, and strategic partnership transactions undertaken by Kaufman Hall’s clients across the U.S. While there truly is no “typical day” in my role, much of my focus is on advising clients on matters relating to the valuation, negotiation, and structuring of large strategic and/or financial transactions. When a client wants to pursue a merger, acquisition, or partnership transaction with another entity, or is contemplating a sale to prospective buyers, our team works to guide them through each distinct phase of the process to ensure their goals and objectives are met.

What skills are needed to be successful at Kaufman Hall?

The most important skills needed to be successful at Kaufman Hall are a positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. Many times, the projects that we work on are very complex and multi-faceted. Maintaining a positive, team-oriented dynamic is essential to identifying and delivering the optimal solutions for our clients day in and day out. Further, given the ever-changing business environment within which our clients operate, seeking out opportunities to learn new skills and gain exposure to different types of projects and assignments is an essential element of success at Kaufman Hall with our emphasis on providing a multi-disciplinary, solutions-oriented approach to all of our client engagements.   

How would you describe the culture and environment at Kaufman Hall?

The culture and environment at Kaufman Hall is highly energetic and very much driven by an emphasis on teamwork and working together to deliver the very best solutions for our clients. There really isn’t any hierarchy across the organization, which creates amazing opportunities to work side by side with members of the firm’s senior leadership team in ways that allow for high levels of mentorship and development. By design, the organization has gone to great lengths to ensure that a culture of professionalism and mutual respect is maintained in all aspects of what we do. This provides for an environment that maximizes your individual ability to contribute to the firm’s success while also expanding your skill set through enhanced learning opportunities and experiences.