Assistant Vice President - Strategic and Financial Planning

Why did you choose Kaufman Hall as the place to build your career?

Prior to joining Kaufman Hall and deciding on a career in management consulting, I worked for a large healthcare provider. I made the switch because I was looking for the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment on a wide variety of projects with leading healthcare organizations. I interviewed with several of the larger firms but felt that my experience was being narrowed to a particular specialty or project type. What I wanted was a place to broaden my skillset and impact client projects. When I interviewed with Kaufman Hall, I spent an equal amount of time engaged with Associates and Senior Vice Presidents, alike. The opportunity to work with and learn from senior leadership, affording me immediate client exposure, was a win-win.

What skills are needed to be successful at Kaufman Hall?

An entrepreneurial mindset, self-motivation, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to make a positive impact for clients. Everyone contributes; it is imperative for you to do your homework and have an opinion.